General terms and conditions of sale and delivery

  1. All prices, tenders and confirmationsof orders are without any engagement on the part of VETO bv. VETO bv accepts no liability if changes in price are not, or not timely communicated to purchaser.
  2. Our General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery always apply, without explicit stipulation thereof, unless it has been agreed differently in writing.
  3. Times of delivery are listed by approximation only, without VETO bv being held by them. A delay in delivery that can be deemed reasonable can not be a reason for purchaser to give notice of default.
  4. If an order is established by mediation of agents directly or indirectly appointed by VETO bv, there is only an agreement that is binding for VETO bv – under application of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery – if and as soon as this order has been accepted by VETO bv.
  5. Payments must e made in cash without deduction of any payment discounts, unless it has been agreed upon explicitly differently in writing.
  6. Invoices only serve for payment of goods delivered. No changes to these invoices are possible. Possible differences will be remedied for immediately by VETO bv after it has received notice of these from the purchaser, mentioning the invoice number in question.
  7. If payment has not taken place within the term applying, VETO bv reserves the right to suspend the delivery of goods not yet delivered until payment has taken place. In such a case VETO bv shall have the right to change the payment term for these goods not yet delivered and also for other future deliveries to the disadvantage of purchaser. If purchaser does not pay within the term agreed upon, VETO bv reserves the right to charge purchaser an interest of 1% (one percent)per month starting from the expiry date. All costs related to the collection of VETO bv’s claim will also be charged to the purchaser.
  8. The goods delivered remain – under the civil law statute of non-possessory pledge – the property of VETO bv until full payment for those goods has taken place. The purchaser is not allowed to pledge, alienate and/or give these goods in use to any third parties free of charge without informing VETO bv thereof.
  9. Complaints must be notified to VETO bv in writing within eight days after receipt ot the goods, mentioning the invoice number in question. After this term complaints can no longer be handled. Return consignments are only allowed after approval by VETO bv. In the case of faults on the part of VETO bv, VETO bv shall pay the costs for such return consignments, however exclusively if the manner of returning complies with the instructions to be given for this by VETO bv.
  10. VETO bv accepts no responsibility/liability for printing and/or writing errors in brochures, pamphlets or any other printed matter and correspondence. The illustrations placed by VETO bv in brochures, pamphlets and other printed material exclusively serve to illustrate the product and give purchaser no rights on delivery of fully identical products.
  11. VETO bv does not accept any responsibility/liability for the existence of any right of industrial property (such as patent or copy rights or any other right of origin), related to the program and/or special products introduced into trade by VETO bv on any market. Checking the possible existence of such a right is considered to be the exclusive responsibility of the purchaser.
  12. Upon ordering purchaser accepts these General Terms ans Conditions of Sale and Delivery, that have been deposited at the Chamber of Commerce at Leiden (reg. number 28049930).
  13. The Netherlands law applies to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery and also to all disputes, of whatever nature, resulting from any commercial relationship between VETO bv and the purchaser and all disputes relating to these matters will be submitted to the competent Dutch court of solution.